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  • Company Name - SG-EUROTRADE  
  • Registered address - Via F . P. de Calboli 1, Roma (RM) 
  • Location - Italy 
  • Legal Form - Limited Liability Commpany (LLC)
  • Service - Wholesales Electronics
  • Founding date - 20 January 2015
  • Vat Number - IT13217451007

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SG-Stock is an platform open sourcing for electronic product, it's based in Italy that manages to connect buyers, with wholesale distributors, with national and international suppliers. Retailers, wholesalers, importers, distributors, shops, only companies with a number VAT authorization can access the site and buy great offers on wholesale, we recommend buyers to register to take advantage of our features. SG-Stock engages in any purchase transaction, this guarantees the best deals possible.

The market for electronic products after many years of growth has begun to flatten, and more recently decline. Now, we must reverse the trend and reinvigorate the market with new distribution channels: without commercial intermediaries that provide for the passage of goods from producers to customers (intermediate and final). With the new commercial agreements stipulated with major national and international electronics brands, it favors the passage of goods from the producers to the retailer or final distributor of the goods. Log in to find out more about SG-Stock.

In this section WTB / WTS of the SG-Stock Platform you add your Offers or Request for electronic products our expert team will validate your AD and will do everything to make your deal real, at the best possible price, in the shortest possible time possible time. We are proud to offer our customers the highest quality products at competitive prices in the shortest possible time. We promote your products on the SG-Stock electronic platform! No subscription is free, it's convenient, it helps you make the most of your sales or purchase opportunities. Numerous products are available: SmartPhones, Tablets, Accessories, Notebooks, TVs, Printers, Consoles, Storage, Consumer Electronics, Refurbished Products..

Marketplace of electronic products always updated, with all details Part Number, Ean, Qty, Colors, Spec. All products on the SG-Stock platform can only be purchased by companies operating in the electronics sector.



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