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We are a Mobile Phone Distributor in Italy

Welcome to Sg-Eurotrade , we are a Mobile Phone Distributor in Italy. Many years of experience in worldwide mobile phone trading.

We have done a significant amount of work to redefine the DNA of one of our flagship brands. We’re looking Customers and Suppliers for an innovative creative Platform for Trade of electronics wholesales .

Thanks to a web platform the Sg-Eurotrade site, has the ability to check in real time the availability of products to optimize Time to Market Sg is present in the European tradeZone of the most famous exhibitors of electronics

Europe Customer Support is the customer support for the whole European area. In this section you can find all the information you need to make your experience simple, fast and intuitive.

We operate through a streamlined procedure where our registered customers, they gain monetary benefits by selling or buying electronics products.

Let's Make Money ! Sell or Buy your goods in 5 minutes.                              


Via F.P. Calboli, 1
00195 Roma Italy

Via Portuense 1555
Commercity M35
00148 Roma Italy


Email: info@sg-eurotrade.com
Email: admin@sg-eurotrade.com 
Phone: +39 (0) 06 9823 0985
Fax: +39 (0) 06 9823 0985
Mobile: +39 (0) 340 8496865
Mobile: +39 (0) 366 1258159
Skype: Sg-Eurotrade